Legislative Information

Our Advocates

Peter Diedrick -  WSSRA legislative representative.  Peter is our organization's "face" in Olympia.  He lobbies for our interests.  You can contact Peter at: Peter@wssra.org

Tim Knopf -  Tim is our local legislative representative.  He attends meetings in Olympia and keeps us informed about issues.  Tim also meets with our local state elected officials.  Tim can be reached at:  timknopf1@yahoo.com

Check out our FB Page https://www.facebook.com/SnoIsleSRA/ for updated legislative news.

Legislative Goals

The Washington State School Retirees’ Association (WSSRA) is made up of over 18,000 active and retired school personnel. WSSRA’s mission is to develop, propose, and support action benefiting all school retirees.WSSRA’s current goals for the 2017 Washington State Legislative Session are to:

  1. Restore a Plan 1 Cost of Living Adjustment. Support House Bill 1484 and Senate Bill 5556 to achieve a COLA for Plan 1 retirees.
  2. Restore the State’s Medicare Eligible Healthcare Benefit to the full $183 per month.
  3. Have the state make the actuarially recommended pension payment to the state’s pension accounts.
  4. Maintain the PERS / TRS / SERS 2 defined benefit pension plan for future school employees.
  5. Allow are retirees equal return-to-work rights. Support Senate Bill 5310 to allow coaching employment for early retirees.
  6. Make PERS / TRS / SERS 2 the default pension plans for new employees. House Bill 1560 would make Plan 2 the default for new hires who do not choose between Plans 2 & 3.

Information You Can Use

 Follow this link to our page with contact information for our local representatives.

Also on this page we have suggestions for what to say when you contact a representative.

Information you can use